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How can inclusion activities at work improve overall employee satisfaction and motivation, and how might improved cultural competences reduce misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflicts? 

You can start by learning what shaped your team. From employees’ cultural backgrounds and interests to unique traits. Honest and vulnerable conversations are a great start to increasing understanding among teams and for them to feel included and psychological safe.

Holmgaard Insights offer talks, workshops, tools and coaching to become better at managing cultural diversity in the workplace and better at leading inclusion activities.

Because being a leader of inclusion activities at work can be very difficult. We offer team leaders help to navigate inclusion activities. Here are some initial rules of thumb to think about:


  • Find out how workers feel about different inclusion activities.

  • Survey an inclusion activity and see which areas workers are more comfortable sharing.


Also, please explore how cultural mapping tools can produce a common starting point for team inclusion and for your team communication challenges. and how we culturally coach employees and managers working outside of their native country.

Successful inclusion activities will improve intercultural communication, promote workers’ reliance on their peers and create a safe working environment for all employees - and be attractive to new hirings.

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