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Inspirational Cases

Have a look at some of our projects and assignments and find out what our clients say about us



Cultural Mapping: Global Team Development

In this project 20 team members from Croatia, Romania, Poland, Denmark and Chile met for a full company day program.  Beforehand they had all filled out surveys in order for Holmgaard Insights to map out the individual team member's cultural profile. In subsequent workshops these individual cultural profiles where then assembled and mapped out as a whole, so the team could se their specific cultural diversity of their team. This created a new 'cultural language' for the team and through focused workshop facilitation, miscommunications and conflicts in the team could now be addressed from a cultural explanation rather than from a personality point of view only.


Board Education ApS
The Brand Value of ESG

Masterclass focusing on how to address ESG in a context of creating a competitive advantage. A view and a process acknowledging the importance of developing the company culture and the Brand Position in order to make changes a sustainable business

ESG masterclass_edited.jpg
masterclass 2_edited_edited.jpg


United Nations UNDP
Event Planner and Moderator 

Planning and moderation of panel discussions on sustainable procurement and talks focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint to achieve a better future.

More Cases to Come....

Our Clients Say

"Great session with Holmgaard Insights. Thank you Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen for the insights on cultural awareness and the mapping of the whole Windspace global team. Also for giving us a road plan to secure its impact in our subsequent daily communication activities"

Flemming Engelstoft, COO & Partner, Windspace

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