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Cultural Competence Coaching

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Individual Cultural Coaching:  In search of a better cultural fit

Individual coaching sessions are for professionals who wants to improve or who are struggling to understand routines and rituals in their work environment

We are experienced in cultural barriers for employees in the workplace and will introduce you to common cultural codes and misinterpretations and help you to set goals for your cultural competence development

En mand og en kvinde venter på et interview

Cultural Preparedness: Working abroad or returning from position abroad

Wether you are an expat or you are about to be repatriated our cultural preparedness service is for you.


Working away from your native country can both be exotic and a necessary career move. Either way it is a stressing change in daily routines, but preparing yourself for a new culture is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety. 

And then when you move back, your native country will feel different, because you have become culturally enriched. This can be a strenous return for many.

Our internationally experienced coaches are ready to help

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